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May all contacts and e-mails the registration and operations of other communication which is made between you and ACTAN Membership in the shop (ACTAN) let you to join a membership site. Date of accession requires that (1) refers to agree to the terms of use and service of these and (2) to provide contact information and your evidence and (3) provide any kind of documentation as required (ACTAN) as part of the registration process. You agree to accept any responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password of your own. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and your password and is responsible for the restrictions on third-party access to your account.Use Alaazavihla You may use your membership in the (ACTAN) for the purpose of fraud or for the purposes of inappropriate or competitive purposes with (ACTAN) you should Report (ACTAN) directly via email (email address) for any unauthorized use of his membership in the (ACTAN) or site (ACTAN) be aware of it.

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Terminate your use of the site is not a concession (ACTAN) any right or any compensation enjoyed by (ACTAN).End Alaazavihajos’s (ACTAN) terminate your membership and to reject any and all use of current or future of this site (a) to comply with applicable or law (b) if you provide (ACTAN) information see (ACTAN), according to its sole discretion as non-information incorrect or inaccurate, not current or incomplete (or if the information became incorrect, inaccurate, not current or incomplete) or (c) in the case of felt (ACTAN) and by its sole discretion that you are using your membership in the site (Actan) the fear of the provisions of the use of this service, or in a manner (d) in other circumstances it deems (ACTAN) suitable according to its discretion.AcquisitionsTlebattajos’s (ACTAN), according to its discretion, may choose not to accept or cancel your order in certain circumstances and, for example, without limitation in the event of the product you want to purchase is not available, or if the product has been pricing in the wrong way or in the case show that the order fraudulent or in other circumstances it deems (ACTAN) suitable according to its discretion. Reserves (ACTAN) and also at its discretion, the right to take measures to authenticate your identity in order to accept your order. Will (ACTAN) re fees that paid for orders that are not accepted or are cancelled. (ACTAN) Policy returns as the case of some products. Review own RETURN POLICY (b ACTAN) and maintained (ACTAN) the right to modify at any time, please go to the link: Description Almentjataatsay (ACTAN) to provide an accurate description of the products displayed on this site. But does not guarantee (ACTAN) that this description is accurate or complete or reliable or newly or error-free. If the product is displayed on the site contrary to the description on the site, you can return the product exclusively by Return Policy referred to above.Altsairtsay information (ACTAN) to provide accurate information on the pricing of products and services available on the site (ACTAN). But we can not guarantee the health of pricing. Reserves (ACTAN) and by its sole discretion the right not to accept or cancel any orders are placed for the products or services to be incorrect prices on the site as a result of a mistake. In this case, the (ACTAN) send a notice to this effect via email. In addition, the reserves (ACTAN) and by its sole discretion against error in unauthorized full price correction.Provide Almentjihtoa site (ACTAN) related to the availability of product information. You may use this information to estimate the probability that the product is shipped immediately after you submit the order. But unfortunately, we can not (ACTAN) ensure that the product is listed as a producer actually available is available for charging directly where it is changed daily and marked on the available quantities. In a few cases, it is possible for the product to be available when sending the order, but that becomes unavailable at the time carried out there (ACTAN) accept the order. In this case, you send (ACTAN) notice of it via e-mail.Shipping and Aldharaibeetm calculate shipping charges and taxes by country and the method of delivery, according to what is referred to when purchasing products.Conditions of use for the site licensing and access to Moqaahkl all the content available on this site (including, but not limited to text, design, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips and Althmlat and interfaces and icons and programs as well as how the selection and arrangement) exclusive property owned (ACTAN) and licensors and content providers and these property subject to the protection of copyright and trademark and other laws .tmang (ACTAN) a limited license to use this site personally. Reserves (ACTAN) and maintains its licensors and its content providers full ownership and full of the content available on the site, including all intellectual property rights related and are provided with this content you under license may revoke it at any time at the discretion of (ACTAN) only.Content provided by Moqatkhadda process of submitting personal information through this site to our Privacy Policy and you can review this policy by clicking on the link “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of the Site ( “Privacy Policy”). Conditions of Use and reference service to include the Privacy Policy. You grant (ACTAN) always irrevocable and not subject to termination and non-exclusive license to use, copy, distribute and display in a general way and change and create derivative works and sublicense such content or any part thereof in any media license. You are authorized under these provisions and guarantees and pledges that any content it does not include any element (including, but not limited to any text, images, music or video) does not have the full right to him to give him such authorization in favour of (ACTAN).


You declare that all information, data and other materials you provide on this site or to (ACTAN) through any other means is true, accurate, current and complete. You are responsible for updating and correcting the information you provide on the site as appropriate. You may not use the wrong email address information or other identification is incorrect and you may not impersonate any person or entity or otherwise mislead in terms of the content source. It may be some items on this site that requires registration to take advantage of them. Through registration, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself.Disclaimer of Aldmanatbasttina where expressly refer to the opposite in terms of use of this service, or be set forth in applicable laws, we do not (ACTAN) any statements does not undertake any other conditions does not guarantee or provide any other conditions, either express or implied in respect of any issue including but not limited to the boom and the validity of any use or very specific, or in respect of any operation not in violation of membership (ACTAN) or any content on the site or any products purchased through the site (ACTAN ) In addition to the guarantees arising from the use or commercial transactions. Your use of this site is at your own risk. This site provides an “as is” and “as available”. We reserve the right to reduce or your use of the site or to any element or part of it at any time. Does not guarantee (ACTAN) site will be available without any interruptions or errors; or that the site is secure; or that the Site or location provider, which provides location service will be free of viruses; or that the information is true and accurate and appropriate and useful and up to date, reliable and complete in any way the site other.

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